The suite of services offered by Waypoint are varied and ever changing, but are always tailored to meet specific client needs and offer creative solutions designed to give our clients the benefit of working with a team of seasoned aviation specialists who are focused on helping them avoid costly and time consuming issues that can occur throughout the intricate field of business aviation.


Our services can be extremely beneficial to those with a lack of appropriate resources, or time, required to properly oversee crucial areas or who may need experienced third party advice. A sample of our services and solutions lie in these categories:


OpsRx – Operations Solutions


Start-up Operations
Assisting our clients in creating a professional flight operation environment that is designed to meet both regulatory compliance, as well as specific client requirements.

Bridge Management
Providing our clients with experienced management personnel to assist their current private jet operation during times of transition.

Performance Reviews
A valuable tool that provides a third party in-depth examination of an existing business aircraft flight operation, focusing on both the technical and cultural environments.

Human Resources
Professional private jet personnel assessment, coaching and recruitment.


MxRx – Maintenance Solutions


New Aircraft Completions Management
Assisting our clients with the important and often overlooked task of properly managing the interior and exterior completion of their newly acquired private jet.

Extensive Refurbishment Management
Providing turnkey services that guide our clients through the complex task of proper refurbishment of their private jet, whether currently operated or recently acquired.

Major Inspection Management
Providing elastic capacity to aid in the important task of major maintenance oversight.

Pre Purchase Inspection Oversight
A private jet sale will require a Pre Purchase Inspection. It is imperative to have a qualified technical representative acting on your behalf during this critical phase of the acquisition.


FleetRx – Fleet Solutions


Fleet Strategic Planning
Providing our clients with a third party and unbiased assessment of their private jet requirements and which aircraft best suit their particular needs.

Aircraft Transaction Consultation
Assisting in all aspects of the complex environment surrounding the acquisition and sales process of private jet aircraft.

In addition to our aircraft acquisition services, Waypoint has developed a unique and exclusive arrangement with Swartz Aviation Group, a noted business aircraft dealership firm, designed to offer our clients an array of transaction services, including brokerage and the structuring of trade-in scenarios.

Design Specification Assistance
The acquisition of a new or pre-owned private jet often entails the initial design or refurbishment of the aircraft. It is important to receive experienced advise during this important phase of the acquisition.



A cornerstone of our business philosophy is to work as a team. That team consists of the client, the service provider and Waypoint. We focus on developing a positive relationship with the service provider to help ensure a lasting goodwill between our client and the service provider when the project is finished. 

Successful private jet projects require dedicated time and focus. Waypoint relieves you of a great deal of this burden, thus freeing you to continue focusing on your current operational or managerial demands.